This Day-Feeding Mosquito Really Is A Tiger


This Day-Feeding Mosquito Really Is A Tiger

Have you seen the Tiger? You may have noticed while looking down that the pesky mosquito you feel on your arm or leg looks a little different than in the past. This mosquito has a distinctly darker color and is marked by white stripes, where it got its name. But if you have the Asian Tiger mosquitoes, you may have also noticed a couple of other things—first, their bite packs more punch. Many people indicate that the bit of the Asian Tiger Mosquito is more painful than that of the old-fashioned garden variety mosquito.

You may not have noticed how aggressive these mosquitoes are and the fact that they are predominantly day feeders. We all get mosquito bites during the day but we know that most mosquitoes feed at dusk and dawn. These tigers are day feeders. They are also noted to be more aggressive. While some mosquitoes seem to be thrown off track by waving them away, the tigers have that distinct aggressive behavior which is the other reason for their name. Like other mosquitoes, this mosquito can carry diseases, including West Nile Virus. It’s important to know that not all mosquitoes carry diseases. Local health departments test diseases. If and when infected mosquitoes are found, the health department does a great job of alerting the public to be more careful.

Our company provides an invisible veil of protection from mosquitoes and the illness and diseases they carry.

The place to exercise the most caution and where you want the most protection is your yard. We have a great solution and a way you can help make it most successful. We provide a Barrier Spray Protection program. We spray your yard to create a protective barrier around your yard. Our spray not only eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact, it also has a timed-release formula that keeps on working for up to 3 weeks. With our season protection program, you don’t even need to pick up the phone. We re-treat your property every 3 weeks to ensure mosquitoes are out of sight and don’t need to be on your mind.

There is one thing you will want to do to keep mosquitoes from making your yard their breeding ground. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. Do your best to get rid of standing water in your yard. Tip over planters, toys, and other water collecting areas regularly to keep out the standing water. Have them lay eggs and breed elsewhere!

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