Key Differences Between Licensed and Non-licensed Electricians

Key Differences Between Licensed and Non-licensed Electricians

Discover why you must work with licensed electricians. Learn more here on the differences between licensed and non-licensed electricians.

Choosing Between Licensed and Non-Licensed Electricians

Electrical works at home require immediate attention. But, you might be confused about whether you need to hire a licensed or non-licensed electrician. It’s always better to hire an experienced and licensed electrician so that you can avoid potential dangers and electrical hazards in the future. While choosing a commercial electrician, ensure that you check their license. Now, let us look at the difference in the services offered by a licensed and non-licensed electrician.electrician san antonio

Different Types of Licensing For Electricians

The electrician license is offered based on the skill and knowledge of the electrician. Experienced and qualified electricians are offered recognized licenses to carry out electrical works. A certified electrician can work anywhere in the state, and a registered electrician is allowed to work in a particular region alone. The different types of licenses provided for electricians are listed below.

Electrical Contractor
Electrical Speciality Contractor
Alarm Contractor I
Alarm Contractor II

Make it a point to check what type of license your electrician holds before you hire their service. It is illegal for an electrician to offer services that come out of the license scope they own. Licensed electricians also offer insurance cover in case of damage to your property. Hence, electrician licenses have the power to offer protection for your property and thereby save your money.

Licensed Electrician Vs. Non-Licensed Electrician

Licensed electricians are legally qualified to work as commercial electricians. They have to clear the licensing exams to become a certified and licensed electrician. A licensed electrician will have a clear idea about the permits required for different types of electrical work. They are insured under liability insurance, and this can help in case they cause damage to your property. They work based on the National Electrical Code norms and all the applicable National Electrical Installation Standards. They also offer a warranty for the work provided.

A non-licensed electrician is unspecialized in electrical works and will not have even appeared for the licensing exams. Professional agencies do not allow unlicensed electricians to work as they do not carry liability insurance. Home insurance would not cover the damage due to work done by non-licensed electricians. They do not stick to the standards and guidelines. Also, there is no guarantee for the work done by a non-licensed electrician. electricians san antonio

Benefits Of Hiring A Licensed Electrician

Safety: It is quite dangerous to hire an inexperienced or non-licensed electrician. A licensed electrician can handle electrical works with better safety assurance and expertise. They help in preventing long-term electrical hazards like shocks, fires, etc.

Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring non-licensed electricians can cost you materials and lives. A licensed and commercial electrician helps in keeping the electrical risks at bay and saves money as well.

Professionalism: Troubleshooting electrical issues is not easy. You cannot expect professional service from an unlicensed electrician. Only a licensed electrician can help to troubleshoot issues accurately.

And, that’s why you always need to choose a licensed electrician over an unlicensed one!

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